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Hey all welcome to my place!

I am Novick, I always love to make things better. I love to eat cheese, and all food about cheese. I think that I become fat recently, because for these cheese. That's why I need the additional activities. Many activities hopefully can make my weight can reduce much longer.

This is one of my activities. This activity will make my hand can type much longer. I think this will also become of the story of my life (someday..). This place will consists of my original writing about my hobby, lifetime, and other things (who knows?).

So that conclude everything. I hope that my story will persuade everyone that they can write much further.

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Garden Fever: Gardening!

Posted on March 9, 2016 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (8828)

Good stuff are available in threes, they claim. Just how many activities that are ‘connect three’ create their way onto industry each month? Significantly more than three therefore it’s getting very hard to locate activities within this style that actually stick out. Although I can’t think about anyone factor that it will differently Garden Temperature, it's to become stated, does anything nicely. Which, once the Google Play Shop is really crammed with one of these games, is just a small monster.

You need to know the exercise. Colored stop (in this instance they’re fruit) are aimed on the grid and it’s your work to slip surrounding blocks to ensure that there’s atleast 3 of the exact same shade in a horizontal or straight range. You not just should you occur to arrange 4 and sometimes even 5 blocks obvious more blocks however, you get left out with increased effective items which may clear blocks. To accomplish each degree, you have to fulfill particular needs for example ‘clear 60 red apples’ although also coping with pieces which ‘ice’ or have ‘mud’ inside them.

I think it is difficult to think anybody has discovered something from that section. You realize precisely what this game is if looked over Chocolate Break before.

Within the protection that is game’s, the demonstration is good enough and also the audio also ties in properly. Nevertheless, the game does what all activities of the kind do also it continuously places obstacles between you enjoying with the sport. You've 5 lifestyles which cut any time you neglect to finish an amount within the collection quantity of techniques down. You are able to possibly spend some cash for some additional lives' opportunity or you are able to delay.

In addition to having the ability to purchase lifestyles you may also purchase additional one time-use products. Simple blocks, outlines of blocks may clear or provide you with a few additional techniques. This provides into issue a few of the degree style, which appears created using the purpose to be difficult to accomplish without perhaps a good deal of fortune or the utilization of these things.

Which gives me towards the greatest problem I've with others yet this specific sport of its ilk. It’s usually difficult to length the game's cost type using the method it’s been created. It’s difficult to not genuinely believe that the unjust character of the ranges that are later is used and deliberate to allow you with little amounts of cash on the regular schedule to part.

To sum up, Backyard Temperature is ‘one of these games’. It’s a link-three event that gives a great deal in keeping with Chocolate Break, including its degree style that is frequently unjust, also it doesn’t provide something fresh. Nothing poor for the reason that, simply don’t be prepared to observe whatever you haven’t observed before.



Defend our World: Just want to Protect Dude!

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)

One might just wanna provide a try to Protect The World. To contemplate think about a space, the overall game -bound framework that appears before they influence the house world to ruin harmful asteroids. The ball player should utilize earned money to put together pieces that assist in this objective to get this done.

The overall game is performed using the player’s art in the for floor; the asteroids that function because the aggressors within this sport seem in the “top” of the display, in face orientation. The concept would be to not permit the asteroids to do that, and also to obtain by, you have to buy pieces to help make the art, essentially, more deadly. To begin, one is resulted in purchase solar power panels weapons and guards. These are fundamental in relation to destroying the stones and maintaining secure. the guards offer an original defensive address, whilst the stones may and do, and also the solar power panels energy dow2the weapons harm the craft. Rocks that are damaged generate money.

More models are revealed whilst the game continues through this de-facto guide, also it becomes feasible to supply one’s art with better guns and useful pieces. As you needs to turn to invest money properly, the chance cost component absolutely is necessary below. Guns or guards? Power fix software or resources? The technique natural is pleasant; for a comparatively slim playing area, actually the form of the growing art, whilst the aforementioned face positioning makes before long.

When it comes to space stones, they are doing obtain a bit more crafty as you advances, obtaining more unknown. They're for the reason that they are able to harm the art by contact leading the art having a hand to prevent them while controlling to constantly cause harm is a must deadly. You will find treats that may be acquired aswell, game-design.

Jewels could be transformed into money, and also the sport supplies a several methods to generate them, especially by viewing advertisements. Real money could be prevented quickly, but may be used.

It’s an interesting game-based on the common style, and that's no small task. You will find two settings to enjoy, therefore reach enjoyin’.



Copter Survival an Adventure Game

Posted on February 19, 2016 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Copter Success: A is just a fresh chopper centered countless athlete while attempting to encounter coins, in which a little chopper flies headlong although a cavern. Does this suicidal job that is evidently create to get a great sport?

Copter Success: a could be explained in its launch that is completely from the continuing. Utilizing settings that are easy, the ball player drives a chopper although an unlimited cavern program that appears to be generated, which provides a little of curiosity. As cavern walls that are well as the ever-present mines also delay to blow the smart chopper up. Gas containers could be gathered to maintain coins litter and the chopper traveling the cavern, but these don't have any obvious use.

Copter Success lacks any type of objective or degree framework unlike a game title like Strike Mission or Jetpack Joyride. The overall game is simply an unlimited canal with coins that don’t do something. You will find certainly, or no updates something to include any attention. Copter Success is not way too compound because of its own good-and it seems clearly incomplete.

Copter Success makes restarting following a demise as frustrating as you can. Each time the ball player hits up an advertisement seems that must definitely be personally ignored. On redisplaying the guide text explaining the handles, losing a couple of seconds in the beginning of each sport at the start of each fresh game the game demands. Is this can’t be handicapped.

As stated above it's also why you will find coins within the sport a secret. Coins CAn't be invested don't do something , nor accumulate over numerous activities so that they are totally ineffective.

Copter Success gets boring extremely fast. The gameplay never changes although it is just a little bit of fun moving your small chopper although the cavern. Without additional gameplay to appear forward towards or an aim to achieve the sport gets dull . There's no journey within this game.

Copter Success doesn’t look good. The cavern itself is just a brown that is dull, standard, the chopper appears like a bit of clipart and also the sport doesn't have actual cartoon to talk about. There's simply nothing exciting to check out. The audio is restricted to some totally uninspiring audio and a looping chopper audio.

Copter Success: A is just a boring, crude sport that just gets duller with following activities. There are lots of better countless athletes on Android with much better artwork and an actual update program.



Cartel Legend Overkill: Third Person Shooter

Posted on February 12, 2016 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (0)

He’d possibly save money than simply a couple of minutes with Cartel Tale: Crime Overkill if AL Pacino’s Scarface performed a-mobile game.

The places are stereotypical for game's kind this really is, to extensive mansions that will create actually Tony Montana perform a double-take from casinos. By themselves, the views seem good and visible viewpoint is followed pretty well. The ball player assumes the lethal assassin's identity, along with a main job would be to get to an endpoint, specified with a natural overlay right from the start point.

Something typical to every area may be armed heavies' existence; these men turn to send our character via gunfire. Herself being packed by He’s however, and also the managing participant needs to make use of the digital handles using the mapping system to obtain through each degree.

The system enables someone to obtain a reddish- bead that is outlined on an adversary, plus one really wants to take them before they decrease our existence club that is dude’s — while producing method that is one’s . It’s getting out baddies about searching, gathering the sporadic alternative tool, and moving forward.

There is an amount rated on efficiency, and sport money gained. Money may be used to update equipment, plus some of gear that was stated is elaborate certainly. Bonuses duties contain things like time-trials and getting every adversary individual out.

Although it is very good capture the criminals sleeping and to wander around, the possible lack of difficulty may work the things a little. The audio is almost stately, and also the staccato of weaponry doesn't deviate too much from its standard through the sport. A bill might be tightened, because it isn’t common to below begin to see the individual performing the harm, despite the aid of the mapping power. The criminals aren't the best, possibly; this provides a little of seafood to the overall game in a barrel experience in early stages. Additionally, there have been visual mistakes that sprang up.

Theory is, it’sed easy, that will be good, but feels as though it may be constructed upon a good deal, that will be actually better, in by overall.


Brickies Build the Brick

Posted on February 7, 2016 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I really like brick-breaking activities. It dates back to my rim times; about swimming projectiles into stones for factors there is anything so wonderfully stylish. I had been very dexterous using the indefatigable trackball, and policeman to sailing about the interwebs about my large websites.

Since that time, a good deal has been developed by the overall game. You will find various variations wearing methods that are various, from anything between and 3D variations to intense versions…. If packet breaker is killer that is one’s, there are many cross platform methods for getting a repair. As a result, you’ll possibly eliminate people for originally watching Noodlecake’s performance Brickies having a cautious eye; we’ve noticed it, in the end.

Nevertheless, this really is Noodlecake we’re referring to here. At its primary, the primary stone breaker idea: utilizing an exercise system to maintain an ever is retained by this sport -rebounding basketball without allowing the basketball hitting the “ground” whatsoever to break stones. It seems in 2D, and utilizes light-b shades to emphasize the stones, that really help them resonate from the history that is clear.

What Brickies does the process to improve by the addition of an exercise towards the “top” of the display, the same moving hand motion controls in sync as well as simultaneously such paddles. As you needs to view for that fast boards in two places, both exercise program helps it be very fascinating and various in the legendary BlackBerry edition. Curiously enough, a basketball doesn’t that is “dropped” finish the overall game instantly; alternatively, the basketball is deactivated — indicating bonuses or no factors from contact — till it creates connection with an exercise. Another gameplay component is included a timer: in to create up for this. Not completing an amount rapidly enough may cause disappointment.

Obviously, you will find power ups; some special-effects are yielded by unique stones, and also the method the stones are organized influences possible technique and gameplay.

The overall game has a high-scoring record, two-game settings, along with a lot of amounts. The handles could be run contact or by tip, that will be an additional advantage. Within the one style, it operates in leveled style with Furious birdlike the capability to response levels and also rating. There's also an unlimited style by striking to achieve additional time where people may not in favor of the clock.

It operates approach much better than one requires a common heritage sport, and could speculate and dresses it-up a little. That, and It’s not very extravagant is a large section of its appeal.


Bitcoin Billionare - Like Playing Real Decks

Posted on February 3, 2016 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

like a game title Bitcoin Billionaire barely appears in the beginning look . It's actually a addictive routine that runs on the program that is carefully tuned to exhibit you ads while ensuring certainly will actually welcome the view of advertisements and you won’t treatment!

Bitcoin Billionaire while you may anticipate is just about mining the virtual-currency referred to as Bitcoins a sport. After customizing your character with a pirate bandana along with garments a issue of going the display as rapidly as you can to create riches; the quicker you touch the Bitcoins you generate. These could be allocated to opportunities like lottery tickets once several Bitcoins have now been gained or collectable books. These produce a continuing flow of revenue also as the application is closed and when the ball player is positively exploration or not.

What truly sets aside Billionaire although may be the freemium design that is wonderful it's, an initial for a great concept and mobile gambling. In the place of freemium components like movies or advertising advertisements getting into the player’s method, alternatively the overall game requires the ball player if it may allow these problems, you. In exchange the ball player gets some type of main reward. They may get enormously improved revenue for half of a moment, resulting in a frenetic episode of going as rapidly as you can, or greatly improved revenue from opportunities for some time per touch. Hence the ball player MAY WISH TO view movies or permit advertising advertisements to allow them to money in on these bonuses to look. Towards continuing to touch the display or whatsoever they may be totally overlooked in the same period. This can be a fiendishly outstanding design that encourages the ball player to voluntarily cause freemium frustrations on themselves, really a unfamiliar idea to express minimal but one which performs very well.

Bitcoins may be used for aesthetic area improvements in addition to trading. It begins with a better poster or perhaps a document shredder to displace the busted-up unpleasant stuff your character begins with, but after making several thousand Bitcoins the ball player may change homes, acquire some hi-tech computers, put in a puppy to maintain your miner organization and usually improvement from some man in a rundown apartment to some wealthy haxor with leading edge technology in a nice home.

Also your character is likeable. He speaks the estimates and also a great deal in many cases are humorous or intelligent based on what's occurring.

Bitcoin Billionaire looks good. It’s pixel-art design that is comfortable is unmistakably the continuously trickle of gold Bitcoin and also the explosions of cash from reward incoming and also Noodlecake traveling into your coffers may have joy areas taking throughout your mind in ways several different activities do.

The audio similarly is great. One's change ego’s keyboard's continuous tap-tap touch while you produce the noisy REDUCTION looks from reward coins and also money is just a regular friend are audio towards the ears. The truly amazing retro-inspired music truly gives a relaxing sense to the sport.

A strong game is isn’ted by Bitcoin Billionaire. Certainly it's barely a sport. It’s the apex of the fun timer waster. Fun, not psychologically challenging and addictive. Enjoyable development and the truly amazing demonstration allow it to be difficult to place along it. Just about anybody ought to not be unable to obtain some enjoyment out-of Bitcoin Billionaire.



Anger of Stick Four Series

Posted on January 25, 2016 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I’m confident that sometime before, I’ve discovered it fairly fascinating, and examined the initial Rage Of Stay. It’s interesting that I didn’t discover Rage of Stay 4 that thrilling. It’s a little game that is cool, however for its range, it develops speed way too slowly, and gets repeated way too rapidly. Additionally, just how many activities are you able to launch before you begin really producing artwork not on the degree of a-5-year-old?

Rage Of Stay 4 doesn’t have something resembling a tale, and sometimes even a reason towards the stick’s rage problems. The ball player is fallen directly into one white figure’s' center battle against a large number of differently-color-woah-ho ho, delay another there. I believe a note the creator might’ve not meant to create was discovered by I’ve. Anyhow, your stick figure is pounding, stabbing throwing and normally destroying the countless murderous crowds which are delivered to remove your number in the experience of Our Planet. The opponents have various guns and looks, vary from typical thugs to spiders and mutants, and develop progressively Rage Of Stay 4 2annoying while you perform to combat. The idol that was beginning designed with only legs and his arms, from throwing at a myriad of stay butt, but him stops. By eliminating opponents and cleaning the amounts, the ball player gets unique capabilities that may be prepared prior to the degree, or platinum that may afterwards be allocated to buying fresh characters.

Rage of Stay 4 appears okay, even though stick figure fighting appears a little boring today. The thing is the game is meant to be always a brawler, also it doesn’t truly are one. There’s an extremely limited quantity of blows and mixtures the smoothness may do, and it begins to become fairly repeated after enjoying for around around 30 minutes. Our guess is the fact that the writer believed so also , a car-play switch, which effectiveness is really a small secret for me personally.

Therefore, play brawler that will function better if it had been more centered on all of the participant techniques, instead of about the opponents and extra characters, Rage of Stay 4 is just an average free-to- ultimately. It’s not really a poor game, and it’s excellent to destroy about an hour or so, however it gets too repeated and also annoying to perform with it to get a very long time.


All Star Basketball Play Game

Posted on January 21, 2016 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

To tell the truth, I’m just how long the models last, as well as not really a large supporter of baseball, and therefore I've no idea the way the game is organized, exactly what the participant jobs are. And good, since All Star Baseball doesn’t need that type of understanding. Since it’s not really a baseball game that is darn, it’s a totally free place simulation. Also it doesn’t have any celebrities – nicely, you will find celebrity designs, that we imagine is not theoretically incorrect.


All star Baseball gives control within the loneliest baseball player on the planet, whose hobbies include tossing a basketball in a within an empty arena to the participant, tossing the basketball in a variety of different similarly vacant places, as well as in an empty area.


The particular manner of in Most correct tossing -Star Baseball continues to be of betting for me personally a. The gamer merely must show the hand up the display with correct pace to toss the basketball. However every next throw, simply whenever you obtain the proper method to throw is positioned by the participant modifications, after which you've to speculate everything once again. It’s not hard, obviously, but it’s not hardly possible to really grasp it to obtain lengthy number of punches. And a necessity, because the longer your reach ability, factors and the more platinum you receive. The platinum is needed to purchase settings amounts, other things, and play in multiplayer, and factors are worth actually nothing.


The game settings, which are not definitely possible to uncover, somewhat alter the tossing conditions. If they're more fascinating compared to unique style, in two hours that I’ve and the game performed because I will just speculate, I couldn’t actually get shut towards the amount necessary to uncover one. A multiplayer style, where his privacy is shared by the poor grass with another man. Both events processor set whoever wins the number of free-throws, and for 25 platinum, gets the cash.


All-in all, Allstar Baseball is clearly not really a poor game, even though it does have a good deal of packing time for you to begin enjoying, and also the putting technicians might be speed” and varied from “swipe in the correct moment. It’s got ok science and what appears like an excellent quantity of equipment, in addition to a reasonable trouble to unlock many game settings. I suppose that it’s likely to be good for those who aren’t, and like easy sports sims delay from the advertisements.



Posted on January 19, 2016 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I just find this new oportunity to unleash my private hobby. This is unusual because I am pretty lazy to do this in some moments. I really think that I am lucky to can be start making like this.

I am Sonia. Usually, my friends call me nia but I am disagree with them. But that is not a big problem either. My hobby is making a food for everyday, I live alone and I don't think I can ask someone to make me a food. So it is just like a pressure test. Hopefully I can manage some of them often. I think that I am getting through this one and it leveled up my cooking skill a lot.

Besides cooking, I love doing other things such as painting, playing video games, playing my classic piano and also nailing art. All of them always happened in most time of a week. I really want to get this progress always happening until I find my beloved husband.

I think that is all for now, I might write again soon or later.